Young People


Cambridgeshire Child and Adolescent Substance Use Service – CASUS – are commissioned by the DAAT to provide information, support and specialist treatment around drug and alcohol use, to young people under 18 and their families resident in Cambridgeshire.

CASUS is part of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust-CPFT. The team is staffed by nurses, social workers and substance misuse practitioners, as well as child and adolescent psychiatrists.

The team will see young people who have concerns about alcohol, legal, prescribed and over-the-counter medications, solvents and volatile substances, as well as illegal drugs.
CASUS will also work with parents and carers who have concerns or questions regarding young people and drug/ alcohol use AND children or young people affected by adult drug /alcohol misuse.

CASUS delivers interventions including:

  • Information, advice and support to young people, parents / carers or someone affected by another person’s drug or alcohol use.
  • Training, support and consultancy to professionals working with young people.
  • Support for PSHE in schools and alternative education settings.
  • Working with groups of young people at risk and in vulnerable situations.
  • Specialist treatment drug and alcohol treatment for young people, which include psychosocial interventions, family work, harm reduction and specialist prescribing.

CASUS Guide For Professionals

CASUS Referral Form

CASUS CRAFFT Screening Tool