Professionals area

The Cambridgeshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) is a multi-agency partnership working to implement the National Drug Strategy. The functions of the DAAT sit under the ‘Cambridgeshire Safer Communities Partnership Team’ which is hosted within Cambridgeshire County Council

What we do?

  • We commission ‘buy in’ services to provide specialist drug and alcohol treatment across Cambridgeshire. Currently our Adult drug and alcohol services are provided by ‘Inclusion’ and our Young People services are provided by CASUS.
  • We specify what we want the services to provide (through contracts) and closely monitor the services to ensure that they are delivering safe, effective, compassionate and high quality care, reaching their targets and providing a positive service experience for individuals, families & professionals who access them
  • Develop new services and innovative projects eg Recovery Hub project, Naloxone roll out.
  • Run prevention campaigns and training eg alcohol campaigns in Pharmacies, alcohol scratch cards, bespoke drug and alcohol training for professionals etc..
  • Promote services across Cambridgeshire including GP’s, housing providers, health care staff, social workers etc..
  • Coordinate services in order that there are pathways in place and services work closely together eg Hostels, mental health services etc..
  • Actively Involve Service Users, carers and family members in the design, monitoring and running of services. We have ‘Recovery champions’ (those with lived experience) helping to run services and an independent service user group ‘SUNNetwork’ to provide service user ‘expert’ advice and input into all elements of the commissioning structure.
  • Conduct regular ‘Needs Assessments’, to provide analysis of data which helps us to identify potential gaps and areas of work that require further development. Set local strategic priorities and monitor associated action plans.
  • Influencing partner agencies, in terms of joint working to reduce the harms from drugs and alcohol
  • Local accountability for substance misuse budgets and performance