Parental Substance Misuse Publications

Cambridgeshire Safer Communities Partnerships encourage anybody who supports children and young people affected by their parents/carers substance misuse to use the following supporting documents. These can be used whether parents or carers are seeking help in the treatment services or not.

The Taylor Chart Final 2015 will help you to determine the impact on children at different ages/ developmental stages.

The Roller Coaster of Change Final 2015 explains the stages anybody can go through when deciding on making a change in their behaviours. It also helps to understand what others, like children and young people, might be going through while these changes happen around them. Understanding the whole picture is vital to the ‘think family’ approach.

We highly recommend two of the Children’s Society recent publications Help Me Understand and You are not on your own booklets are useful tools to engage children and young people in conversation about their feelings and thoughts about substance misuse.

The Education Leaflet- June 2013 is a useful resource for schools, child-minders and anybody working with children and their parents.

Inclusion Drug & Alcohol Treatment Service offers a wide range of services including family and friends support. You can also complete several E-learning courses on parental substance misuse.