Adult Treatment

Inclusion provide the adult drug and alcohol services  in Cambridgeshire                                                                                          

From 1st April 2016 the drug and alcohol treatment service has been fully integrated so that all staff can offer support around both drug and alcohol issues.  Inclusion treatment service is provided at a number of sites across Cambridgeshire. You can contact the service yourself or be referred through a professional such as a GP to discuss the concerns that you have. A face to face appointment will be offered and the options available for you / the individual will be explained and discussed.

A package of support that is tailored to you or the individual you are concerned about needs, will be jointly agreed to ensure that you / the individual receives the treatment that is required and wanted.

The length of time with the treatment service is dependent upon the individual and the support that they require, there are no standardised timescales

Changing your drug or alcohol use is not as easy as it sounds. As well as your use there will be other areas in your life you may have to change.  Often it’s the thought of changing that is more scary than doing it. Think of making a change like climbing a ladder. You may know where you want to go, but at times you can slip and go back down a few feet, or even fall all the way down to the bottom! Although having a setback can leave you feeling like a “failure,” it is important to realise that when you “fall,” you never go all the way back to the beginning because you have gained some experience on the journey. You can use what you have learned to increase the odds of success the next time.

When you are weighing up your drug or alcohol use the point you are trying to get to is one when the reasons for not using (or cutting down) outweigh your reasons for use (or using at the same level). If you recognise that you may lose things, such as relationships, money, job, etc, by not changing you will make the necessary change. Or if you can build up things in your life that become ‘too much to lose’ you are much more likely to sustain the changes you have made.

There are a number of groups you can access that can support you with the changes you want to make, see attachment for details: Countywide Service User & Mutual Aid Group Calandar
Inclusion Drug & Alcohol Service also has a Self Help Guide Inclusion self-help