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Welcome to the DAAT!

If you are worried about your own or someone else's drug or alcohol use, please click "Read more" to see contact details for the local services near you.

Families and carers bereaved through substance use

Adfam is running a project with Cruse Bereavement Care focusing on families and carers bereaved through substance use.
As part of this project we are developing information and resources for bereaved family members. We are aware that trying to find and read support and practical information at a time of immense trauma has proved very difficult for many of the bereaved people we have spoken to. It is therefore our intent to create a clear and easy to understand microsite which brings in to one place all the information and advice someone bereaved through drug and alcohol use might benefit from, as well as some real stories of people who have themselves ‘been there’.

Driving and prescription medicines from March 2015

From March 2015 it will be illegal in England and Wales to drive with certain illegal drugs in the blood, even if you’re not unfit to drive.
It will also be illegal to drive with certain levels of some legal drugs if you’re unfit to drive.
Find out more by visiting:

Botulism ALERT

There have recently been a number of cases of wound botulism among people injecting heroin in Scotland and a single recent case confirmed in England and, although it is currently unknown whether there is a cross-border link, these cases might indicate an increase in the overall level of heroin contamination. A national alert has therefore been issued on the Central Alerting System (CAS).

Wound botulism is acquired when spores of the botulism bacterium, which can be found in contaminated supplies of heroin, get into the body through injecting the drugs intramuscularly or subcutaneously. In light of the recent cases, the overall level of risk of wound botulism among people who inject drugs in the UK is currently higher than usual. In response to the alert Public Health England has produced some fact sheets for information purposes.

RED DRUG ALERT! Urgent action required

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have received credible information that Ecstasy tablets, similar to those that have been connected to the deaths of four individuals over the Christmas period in Suffolk and Shropshire, may now be available in central Cambridgeshire.
The Ecstacy tablets are red, triangular in shape and embossed with a ‘S’ Superman logo. These tablets are thought to have a large concentration of PMMA, which acts more slowly than MDMA. If you have taken drugs and start to feel unwell call 999 immediately
There is no way of knowing what is in any pills. Clearly it is safest to steer clear altogether. For safety advice around drugs please visit the following website:
Please can you disseminate this alert to your peers as soon as possible. Please also urge your service users to share information with services and their peers, and report any concerns to the Police on 101
If you have any further queries, please contact the DAAT team on 01223 699 680.
Thank you for your assistance in preventing further fatalities or harm.

Novel Psychoactive Substances

In recent years the UK has seen the emergence of new drugs that have similar effects to drugs that are controlled. These drugs are collectively called 'New Psychoactive Substances' (NPS) and were previously referred to as 'Legal Highs'. NPS have been developed and designed to evade drug laws are widely available and can potentially pose serious risks to health and can even be fatal. We have worked in partnership with NPS users and professionals to design local literature providing straight forward safety information to educate individuals and to prevent harm.

DAAT E-Newsletter

The DAAT has produced their latest e-newsletter highlighting some of the work that has been carried out during 2014. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this.

Alcohol Awareness Month November 2014

To coincide with Alcohol Awareness Week which is taking place between 17th – 23rd of November, Cambridgeshire DAAT and the Harm Reduction Group is looking to have a particular focus on sport and alcohol. The two key aims are:
•Highlighting the impact of alcohol on sport and performance – The purpose being to target individuals who are already interested in health and fitness and highlighting how excessive alcohol consumption could impact of their performance.
•Highlighting the Morning After Campaign – There are thousands of people taking part in sport across Cambridgeshire every week and in particular at the weekends. The purpose is to inform people who either watch or participate in sport the morning after a drinking session, to be aware of the dangers of drink driving.

Events will also take place across Cambridgeshire throughout the month of November.

The Stages Recovery Cafe door is open!

The SUN Network, is pleased to announce The Stages Recovery Café is now open in Cambridge on Wednesdays 2.00-4.00pm at The Box Café on Norfolk Street, and in Wisbech on Tuesdays 1.00-3.00pm at the Rosmini Centre.

Free Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice (IBA) Training - New dates released

Inclusion Alcohol Treatment Service is offering simple IBA training courses for professionals and non professionals in Cambridgeshire.
This training is free of charge and places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.


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